About Us

georgette yorot

Meet Our Founder

Georgette F. Yorot has always had a passion for service from a young age. She received her Associate Degree in Art of Secretarial. She uses her God-given talents to conduct the women's department in her church. Soon to be a published author, her work focuses on giving hope through Jesus-Christ. Georgette wanted to do even more for the community and began serving as a Deaconess at her local church.

Yet, something in Georgette's heart still felt incomplete, so in 2016 she spent a prolonged period of time in prayer and fasting seeking the Lord. During that time of reflection, she felt moved with compassion in her heart for the little ones especially for the most vulnerable, the orphans, those sad faces of children that always looked so forlorn and hopeless. It was in that moment she knew with clarity that this was the “calling” God was asking her to take on.

Our Vision

The Orphan Bright Future International, Inc. is a firm believer that actions speak louder than words. We are daring to be different, in an indifferent world, by showering compassion, caring, and respect to all persons enrolled in our programs so they can experience transformative growth. Our programs specifically work alongside each orphan with his or her spiritual, social and emotional development to become the best person they can possible be.

The board of directors believes that through teamwork, integrity, and passion, any individual can make an immediate impact to orphans around the world. Take the plunge and escape your comfort zone into a new world of challenges where your unique skills will make a huge difference to an orphan or child that lost a parent. With your help, we can build a community outreach facility for orphans with computer room, cafeteria, learning center, a chapel, prayer room, and our own medical clinic.

The Orphan Bright Future International Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation formed in 2018 - Federal ID # 83-2648349