Our Programs

The Orphan Bright Future International, Inc. wants to improve living conditions of vulnerable orphans through the development of a sponsorship program that will provide the child with clothes, medicine, private school education, and food. Our goal is to heal the children that have lost one or both of their parents by showering them with compassion. Our sponsorship program focuses on the following critical elements that are needed by all orphans or children that lost a parent in developing countries such as:


“The JR29-11” Team

One of our program is Education called the JR29-11, in echo of Jeremiah 29v11 that states “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plan to give you HOPE and a future”. With this Team, THEOBFI-Inc. will use the funds for the cost of Christian schools’ fees, uniforms, and supplies. In some cases, it means providing tutoring, help with homework, encouragement and if necessary, participating in a literacy program outside the classroom. Alongside with that program, the orphans will learn a vocation that can later provide them employment.


“The El Rapha-Bethel” Team

This Team will provide in partnership with local Christian clinics medical checkups, vaccination and will teach the children how to maintain personal health. Also, the Orphan Bright Future International Inc. provides children with supplementary and nutritious food and water as needed.

“The Tabitha’s Love” Team
Children living far away from the city in some suburbs and villages are the most in need of clothes, shoes and socks in order to be warm and not to catch up diseases due to poverty or lack of decent clothes. Most of them walk barefoot.


“The LO.U.E.R Team (Loved Uplift Empowered and Resilient)

Our nonprofit organization wants to improve the living condition of vulnerable orphans through our sponsorship program. In this Team-Program we raise money for the daily expenses and basis of the orphans such as, food, clothing, education and health.
(see our sponsorship page for more information on how to help sponsor an orphan).

This is the heart of our programs. Within this program, we make sure to pour a Christian “seed” in every orphan early development. They are losing hope and the fact that sometimes they are being isolated lead to believe that God has forgotten them or He abandoned them.

We want to empower each individual orphans and provide opportunities for transformative growth in every aspect of their life physically, financially, and spiritually. You can help with your sponsorship of $43 per month make a life-changing impact for a child who’s lost one or both of their parents.

The Orphan Bright Future International Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation formed in 2018 - Federal ID # 83-2648349